Why are we at
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with what we do!
We resonate with the concept of Community Living, where a Home is connected to other Homes in some manner as a community with shared Amenities, Resources, Challenges, Celebrations and More.
Life has more human connections in this neighborhood. Kids have friends, Elders have friends, and even Pets have friends. Busy residents going to work or traveling have a sense of security and comfort about their family and property. A resident inspired to start an impactful project finds like-minded mates right around the block.
We live and love this concept of Community Living.
And our Life's work is to build software which can be used for “Happy Community Living” everywhere on this Planet!
ADDA - Happy Community Living
We stay keenly responsive to the varied needs of the below 3 stakeholders of a Community, empowering them to build and live in Happy Communities!

YOU - the Community Manager or Property Manager

You are the catalyst behind every thriving community. Amidst the extreme varieties of issues and challenges, you keep it all together with your daily creativity and commitment!

Often inundated with incessant emails and calls, you yearn for greater impact to your work — time for learning, revamping, exciting initiatives etc. That's where we step in.

We're here to find YOU more time for Projects that have greater impact!

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YOU - the Board Member / President / Secretary / Treasurer

You are the natural leader, a champion of collaborative decision making. Often your rich experience and the potentially impactful Time is wasted on supervising Daily Operations.

On re-inventing the wheel of day-to-day processes.

We are here to help set that Wheel on Best-Practice processes with on-demand reports to You. So You focus and lead the real change!

And finally, YOU - the Resident

You've invested in and embraced this community as your home – the place to grow your family, entertain friends, and nurture your interests. You wish to be in the know of changes in the Community that impact you.

Yet, amid scattered information, staying up-to-date becomes elusive.. The FOMO on Community Updates is very real!

We're here to revolutionize that. By bringing to your hand ONE go-to platform, to stay connected with ease with your Community

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Our Values
These values are so epic that they even have their own acronym – ICE! 🧊 So, whether it's choosing the high road, teaming up like legends, or making the everyday legendary, these ICE values are like the secret sauce that makes ADDA a happy community.
ADDA Motto
Our Motto
Rise High!
Builder Builds the High Rise! The Community makes it Rise High!
ADDA's motto is 'Rise High!' The builder constructs the high-rise, but it's the community that takes it to soaring heights together.
Together, they're elevating the spirit, the energy, and the awesomeness of it all. So, it's not just about high-rises; it's about rising high in every sense—building, community, and beyond!
As a testament to this spirit, the Rise High Awards by ADDA honors those who embody this ethos, taking both initiatives and spirits to new heights.
ADDA Rise High Awards
ADDA Rise High Awards is one of the initiatives through which we try to celebrate exemplary initiatives by Communities across the Globe, and honouring the heroes behind these initiatives; inspiring others to follow suit to build neighbourhoods of tomorrow!
ADDA isn't just a software; it's the canvas on which your community's story is painted.
ADDA’s flagship event - Rise High Awards began in 2016. Celebrating sustainability initiatives through some notable categories- Water Conservation, Towards Zero Waste, Energy Conservation, Welfare of Pets and Other Animals, Excellence in Community Governance!
So, when you hear about the ADDA Rise High Awards, remember that it's not just an event; it's a tribute to the heartbeats of our community who make it beat stronger every day! Oh and by the way, Our Motto is Rise High!
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Join the Adventure
Welcome aboard our digital revolution as we dismantle walls, and ignite Happy Community Living in India, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Singapore, Mauritius and more. 
Get ready to experience a new dimension of community living that's powered by technology and united by shared experiences across the world. 
That’s ADDA for you! - Rise Highwith us :)
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